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About DANCE 411 and the DANCE HIP HOP NOW video series!

Hip-hop and street dance is worldwide.  Dance 411 in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most famous and recognized dance education and entertainment organizations in the USA When both come together . . .  it's explosive!   Featured on television networks as MTV, Bravo, The Food Network and BET . . . Rolling Out Magazine describes Dance 411's local dance studio has been labeled as "Studio of the Stars".  Host for auditions like "So You Think Can Dance" and "America's Best Dance Crew".   Location for productions such as the Soul Train Music Awards rehearsals, BET Hip-Hop Awards rehearsals, "Stomp the Yard" movie auditions and rehearsals, Laurieann Gibson's "Born to Dance", MTV's "Making the Stage", BET's "Welcome to Dreamland", Step Up 3D's "Dance 411 Dance Dub" Video and many, many more.   Entertainment industry choreographers and background dancers for the major hip hop and R&B artists train and perform at this exclusive studio.   Celebrity sitings are very common at Dance 411's Atlanta studio, a well-known entertainment industry landmark.

It's just like you are there in class . . . as part of the action!  Join us in one of Dance 411's exciting and most popular dance classes . . .  now available via download and DVD!  Classes provide a fantastic workout and will make you feel like a professional dancer from wherever you are.   Prepare to be part of the action, taking class with fellow students from beginner to intermediate & advanced levels.  Classes are taught at a level suitable for the absolute beginner dancer, or seasoned dance professional You will see students performing street dance on all levels during class right along side you.  You may recognize many of the students from your favorite hip hop music videos!

People from all over Georgia come to Dance 411 to learn dance and get fit while doing the steps that you see in all of the major entertainment videos and productions.  Students are turned away each week due to the volume of people that show up for class.  People from all over the USA travel to Dance 411 just to take class, to potentially be discovered . . .  and to experience taking classes at this famous studio.  Even if you live here in Atlanta, it's difficult to get in.  Now YOU can be a VIP and take a class at Dance 411 from anywhere in the world!    Even better, you get to watch it over-and-over again to master the choreography and wow your friends! 
The choreography is new, fresh and exciting.  Our hip hop street dance classes will get you in shape and will have you look amazing on the dance floor at the club!  Our professional choreographers are represented by Bloc South Talent Agency . . . one of the nations largest and top dance talent agencies, and representatives of famous choreographers like Fatima Robinson, Marty Kudelka, Michael Rooney, Gil Duldulao, Chuck Maldonado, Aakomon Jones, Sean Bankhead and Dan Karaty. 

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