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Dance Hip Hop Now - Clean Style with Mike Peele

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Learn hip hop and street dance at home!  Take class with instructor Mike Peele on DVD or instant download. He is the celebrity choreographer for the stars, and teaches regular hip-hop dance and fitness instruction at the world famous Dance 411 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 
People from all over the United States come to this class to learn dance and get fit while doing the steps that you see in all of the major entertainment videos and productions.  Many students come to Dance 411 to potentially be discovered ... and to experience real hip hop dance lessons at this famous studio.  Even if you live here in Atlanta, it's difficult to get in. 

With our DVD or video download, now YOU can be a VIP and take a class at Dance 411 from anywhere in the world!  Even better, you get to watch it over-and-over again to master the choreography and wow your friends!
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